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Dangerous Goods Reports & Mine Compliance Checks

Our aim is to assist your company in their work in as many ways possible.

​In addition to our mobile servicing and fleet management, we can assist your company by inspecting all of your vehicles and equipment (both above and below ground) to ensure they meet the requirements to pass Mine Site Compliance Checks.

We can also assist with trucks and road trains, checking t
he trailers and providing you with a list of all the faults that would cause them to fail and fix all of the electrical faults we find!

We can complete light vehicle and machinery mine site specific fit-outs.

Components include:

- Lockable Battery & Start Isolators
- Emergency Stop Switches
- Key On Lights On
- Jump Start Receptacles
- Speed Limiters

- Flashing Beacons
- Reverse Alarms
- High mount taillights (Mine Bars)
- 2 Way Radios
- Flags
- Fire Extinguishers
- Wheel Chocks
- And more

Dangerous Goods Specifications in addition to the above:

- Roll Over Sensors
- Electric Battery Isolators
- Alternator Field Isolation

- Sealed Conduit
- Non Essential Switch
- Emergency Stop Switches

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