Since 2008, Enerdrive has been working in the Caravan, RV and Marine industries as well as working alongside some of the country’s leading canopy manufacturers. Enerdrive has taken this knowledge and experience to proudly manufacture the Power System Series. Using a quality component build list and proven to withstand the rugged Aussie conditions, these systems are designed to suit the needs of installers and end users looking for a reliable power system.

The components of the system are pre-wired in house by Enerdrive to make installation even easier. The Power System Series are neatly packaged onto a pre-assembled board with the main connections housed within a rugged metal case and they’re available in either Passenger or Driver’s side builds, giving lots of options for installation. With options to add custom artwork like your company logo and colour scheme, along with custom switch engraving to suit your install are available with an additional fee. The Power System Range range is well ahead of the game in terms of compact power solutions and truly something you will wonder what you did without.

The Explorer Power System

This system is suited to those with tight spaces but still requiring the best charging from a DC2DC with solar input.

You will fi­nd the following products in The Explorer system:

  • Enerdrive DC2DC 40+ Charger
  • ePRO Plus Battery Monitor
  • 4x Circuit Breakers for fridge, lights etc.
  • 4x Contura switches for Lights & Auxiliary loads
  • Pre-wired Battery & Fridge Anderson Plugs.

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The Traveller Power System

This system is designed for anyone requiring DC2DC, Solar and AC Charging ability.

You will find the following products in The Traveller system:

  • DC2DC40+ Charger
  • ePOWER 12v 40A AC Charger
  • ePRO Plus Battery Monitor
  • 4x Circuit Breakers for Fridge, Lights etc

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The Archie Power System

Why the name Archie? Well, that is because the designers worked on ensuring Archie fits in the space behind most modern Ute’s wheel arches and the tail gate, providing quick installation and easy access. This lightweight compact power system can supply all your camping, work site or even picnic power needs.

The Archie includes the following Enerdrive components:

  • Powdercoated Alloy Construction Case inc Handles
  • eLITE 12V 100AH Lithium Battery
  • ePOWER DC2DC40+ Charger inc MPPT Solar Regulator
  • ePOWER 600W Pure Sine Waver Inverter
  • ePRO Plus Battery Monitor
  • 6x Circuit Breaker for Inputs/Outputs
  • 2x 50A Anderson Outlets
  • 3x 12V DC Outlets
  • 2x Twin USB Outlets
  • Battery Reset Button

With DC Outlets and Anderson Plugs on both the front and back, it provides versatility for connecting accessories such as fridges, water pumps and compressors. Vehicle charge and solar charge Anderson plugs mounted on the front ensures installation is a breeze, especially with the optional vehicle wiring kit.

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The Wanderer Power System

The Wanderer is built using the same proven quality as the rest of the range. Built to survive the rugged Aussie conditions and designed to suit the needs of installers and end users looking for a reliable power system solution.

The Wanderer is suited to those requiring AC and DC charging ability as well as 230v inverter power whilst being packaged into a compact size thanks to the use of a combi inverter/charger.

You will ­find the following products in The Wanderer system:

  • DC2DC 40+ Charger
  • ePRO 1600W/60A Inverter/Charger Combi
  • Simarine Pico Battery Monitor
  • 4x Circuit Breakers for Fridge, Lights etc
  • 3x Main Breakers for Inverter, DC2DC & Loads
  • 15A RCD protected CMS inlet with connection cable

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Tradie Pack - The Lackey

Designed around Enerdrive’s proven workhorses the DC2DC40+ Charger and 2000w AC Transfer Inverter, the Lackey is built into a super tough Aluminium and Powder Coated Box. Designed as a pure “Plug & Play” system for the Tradie wanting power wherever they are.

Simply bolt into place using the multiple mounting holes, which includes floor mounting plates. Then plug in your Battery, Solar Panels and Vehicle via the supplied Anderson plugs and it’s ready to go. Programming and monitoring is done via the DC40+ screen, almost eliminating the need to access inside the box ever. All DC fusing is also taken care of by installed resettable Circuit Breakers.

With an additional 12V Output Anderson Plug which can be wired to an accessory panel for extra DC loads, every box has been ticked. There’s even an Ignition Sense Plug pre-wired for connection to vehicles with smart alternators.

The Lackey is built into a unique compact box arrangement and designed to mount on either the front or rear bulkheads of the vehicles canopy or on the inside of the roof for that matter. The system is available in either passenger side or drivers side installation.

Any brand of battery is suitable from Wet Sealed, AGM, Gel and Lithium.

The Lackey is quite simply, a Super Tough, Super Cmpact and Super Simple Solution with all the power you will ever need onsite, that weekend getaway or wherever the road takes you. All the power you need without any of the fuss put into a small package which will fit just about anywhere.

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