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engine ecu remap

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  • Lower your transmission temperatures

  • Improve your fuel economy

  • More control on downhill descents

  • Improves your overall driveability

Engine ECU Remap

We also offer Landcruiser engine tuning that compliments our above products. This is available in stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1 is tailored to suit a standard vehicle exhaust with No exhaust modifications, Stage 2 is full exhaust replacement.

  • Increase in engine torque output by 100NM Stage 1 / 200NM Stage 2

  • Increased longevity of engine by, removal of EGR cycle without modification to engine or inlet.

  • Cleaner engine oil without mixing carbon build up.

  • Reduction in acceleration lag by remapping of torque request v rpm table. Not amplification of accel signal like ETC button.

  • Revised boost limiting tables to achieve peak boost at earlier RPM. Increase in overall factor limit to 16PSI. (12PSI STD)

  • AFR (Air to Fuel Ratio) conservative at 18:1 @1600RPM

  • No excessive black smoking under heavy acceleration.


Richard’s Lock Up Kits and Remapping’s are only suitable to the Toyota range as listed below:

  • 200 Series Land Cruiser Diesel and Petrol

  • Prado 2.8L Auto

  • Prado 3L Auto (150 Series)

  • Hilux 2.8L Auto

  • Hilux 3L 4 & 5 Speed

  • Fortuner 2.8L Auto

  • 100 Series Landcruiser

  • Lexus 450D

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