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Under Bonnet Dual Battery Systems


A reliable battery is an essential part of a owning a vehicle, especially when used for running accessories such as fridges, lighting and other 12v accessories.

We stock a large range of lead-acid, deep cycle, AGM and Lithium batteries from the best brands such as Century, Enerdrive and Invicta.

Under Bonnet Dual Battery Systems


While this system may not suit all vehicle makes and models, they are the perfect setup for the Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Landcruiser or Prado.

This application is ideal as the battery and DC Charger are installed under the bonnet, with cables run to the rear of the vehicle to power those 12v accessories.

We supply and install Redarc dual battery isolators and DC to DC Battery Chargers. Both compact and suitable for 12 volt or 24 volt systems. Redarc’s dual battery systems are designed to protect your start battery from excessive discharging during multi-battery applications. See

Be sure to ask us for the best dual battery setup for your needs. Click here to see REDARC’s Dual Battery Calculator ( REDARC’s under bonnet Classic DC Chargers are designed, built and tested in Australia for our unique conditions. They are fully sealed and potted to survive and thrive under extreme heat, as well as being water, dust and vibration proof.

Redarc’s DC to DC battery chargers feature a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator and will charge from both solar and vehicle alternator simultaneously. It is designed to select solar first, meaning less load on the alternator.

For under bonnet applications, we supply and install Century Batteries and Invicta Hybrid Lithium batteries.

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