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Air conditioning

Our staff are highly experienced and qualified, holding licences with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). We diagnose, repair, service and manufacture a range of air conditioning systems. We also custom make electric bunk air systems for heavy vehicles and systems for older model vehicles.

Air Conditioning services offered at JTAE:

- Automotive air conditioning
- System supply and install both repairs and custom systems
- Leak detection an
d component replacement
- Vehicle and truck system upgrades
- In house repairs and manufacturing of hoses assemblies
- Diesel and Electric bunk air systems to trucks

We also supply, install and maintain air conditioning for cabins in heavy vehicles of all kinds, and repair air conditioning for cars, heavy vehicles, mining vehicles, and much, much more!

Air Conditioning Servicing


It is recommended that air conditioning systems are serviced every two years. Airconditioning systems are made up of multiple parts and like anything, requires regular attention. If your aircon system is not getting as cold, has a reduced flow in air, smells coming from the vents or is noisey, then it’s likely it needs attention.

JTAE’s Air Conditioning Services


What’s involved in an AC Re-gas?

- Check over a/c system pressure levels
- Inspect system for leaks
- Recover all gas
- Pressure test with Nitrogen
- Evacuate system and recharge with R134a and UV dye.

JTAE recommended standard AC service includes:

- Check a/c system pressure levels
- Inspect system for leaks
- Recover all gas
- Pressure test with Nitrogen
- Replace Receiver Drier
- Add oil (if required)
- Evacuate system and recharge with R134a and UV dye.
- Replace cabin filter.
- Spray sanitiser/deodoriser directly into evaporator.

  • How does an air-conditioning system work?
    Automotive air conditioning systems work by manipulating refrigerant between a liquid and gaseous state. As the refrigerant changes, it absorbs heat and humidity from the vehicle and allows the system to cool.
  • What refrigerant is used in vehicles?
    Automotive air conditioning is now mostly universal. The Air conditioning refrigerant we use and are licensed for is R134a. Our team are licensed technicians diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and manufacturing all types of vehicles, truck, and machinery air-conditioning.
  • Why is there a smell from my aircon system?
    Is your car air conditioning not working at its best? Is it intermittently cold or hot? Does your cabin smell like wet socks? This typically means that you have an air conditioning leak. As licensed technicians our process is to check over the air conditioning system, diagnose and quote. Under our ARC licensing, we cannot re-gas aircon systems with known leaks.
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