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We recommend a good quality towing package consisting of ignition-controlled power feed, electric brake controller, reverse camera and Electronic Stability Control.

If you are new to caravanning or towing and upgrading/fitting out your vehicle to suit your caravan; give us a call and we will discuss your options.

Electric Brake Controller


Trailers that weigh more than 750kg’s must be fitted with brakes and those that weigh over 2000kg must be fitted with electric brakes.

Electric brakes use a sensor controlled by the tow vehicle’s brake lights. When the lights activate, so does the brake controller. This sends power down to a heavy-duty circuit to the trailer brakes. The electric brakes only activate when the tow vehicle’s braking system is in use.

When towing, we use and recommend the Redarc Electric Brake Controller.

The Redarc range of Electric Brake Controllers provide ultimate safety when towing, offering a smoother trailer braking response suitable for 12 volt or 24-volt vehicle systems. Redarc’s Electric Brake Controller is the only brake controller on the market that offers two types of braking in the one unit – proportional and user-controlled modes.

The unit is supplied and installed behind the vehicle dash with a factory fitted switch with the turn of a control knob whenever needed. Prices vary on vehicles and towing requirements.




Reverse Camera


Most new model vehicles come factory with reverse cameras. If they don’t, we supply and install aftermarket and genuine compatible reverse cameras and systems for all vehicles. Systems can integrate with factory head units, or we can supply cost effective removable dash or mirror mounted options.

We are the NT’s Supplier and Installer of
Safety Dave products. We think, only the best systems on the Australian market applicable to all makes and models.

Trailer Plugs & Anderson Plugs


Outlined in the below wiring diagrams, trailer plugs connect to circuits on your vehicle and your caravan. We recommend supplying your caravan specifications and requirements to us to ensure the pins are matched on both vehicle and

To charge batteries in caravans whilst driving, it is recommended to install an ignition controlled Anderson plug at the rear of the vehicle that the caravan plugs into. We use at a minimum 16mm heavy duty cabling to ensure minimal voltage drop.

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 11.54.53 am.png

Red Anderson for Electronic Stability Control (ESC)


What is ESC?

Electronic Stability Control provides the ultimate safety technology while you’re towing. It is well worth investing in to minimise and manage your risk of caravan sway.

ESC is a corrective safety measure, that uses a sensor mounted on the underside of the caravan to constantly monitor for the presence of critical sideways movement. If you are suddenly hit by a gust of wind or the caravan starts to sway, the ESC automatically assists in an emergency when you could lose control, keeping you upright and safe on the road.


Do I need ESC on my caravan?

No matter if you have an older model caravan or a newer model, we highly recommend getting this system installed. Nowdays, it is now a standard feature for all new cars manufactured with ESC. Installing an ESC system increases your safety on the road when towing.

ESC power supply is supplied via a separate red Anderson plug at your vehicles tow point.

  • How does an air-conditioning system work?
    Automotive air conditioning systems work by manipulating refrigerant between a liquid and gaseous state. As the refrigerant changes, it absorbs heat and humidity from the vehicle and allows the system to cool.
  • What refrigerant is used in vehicles?
    Automotive air conditioning is now mostly universal. The Air conditioning refrigerant we use and are licensed for is R134a. Our team are licensed technicians diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and manufacturing all types of vehicles, truck, and machinery air-conditioning.
  • Why is there a smell from my aircon system?
    Is your car air conditioning not working at its best? Is it intermittently cold or hot? Does your cabin smell like wet socks? This typically means that you have an air conditioning leak. As licensed technicians our process is to check over the air conditioning system, diagnose and quote. Under our ARC licensing, we cannot re-gas aircon systems with known leaks.
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