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Caravan Off Grid Systems


Would you like to pull up anywhere and still have the creature comforts of home? We can upgrade your caravan’s power system to meet your requirements.


Whether you want to run your air conditioning, coffee machine or microwave whilst free camping, add solar panels to an existing system or save weight by upgrading to lithium – we do it all.

There are a number of options available for Off-Grid systems. Basic systems include running 12v accessories and free camping right up to running your air conditioning overnight.

Solar Panels


Most caravans are fitted from factory with Solar Panels.


When wanting to use lifes luxuries whilst off grid, you will need additional solar panels to keep those batteries charged.


Whether it’s fixed solar panels to the roof or portable folding solar panels, we’ve got you covered.

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Upgrading to Lithium Batteries


To upgrade batteries to Lithium we use and recommend Enerdrive, Century or Invicta batteries. Switching to Lithium can save you weight and volume in comparison to the standard AGM batteries. Lithium batteries provide 60% more usable power than lead acid batteries, they are nearly 50% lighter and 30% smaller.


These make for a superior alternative. Lithium batteries are highly efficient, faster charging and have the ability to withstand up to 3 times as many charging cycles compares to lead acid batteries. Most Lithium batteries are equipped with an internal Battery Management System that monitors battery usage.


Depending on what Battery Management System is installed to your caravan, to upgrade to Lithium there may be some tweaks need such as upgrade to lithium compatible chargers and cabling.

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To run 240v appliances whilst free camping, you will need an inverter. Inverters convert the Direct Current (DC) power that solar panels create to Alternating Current (AC) power that 240 requires to run. The size of the inverter you need, depends on a few factors such as; the number of appliances you want powered, types and size of your batteries.

If you’re looking to run air conditioning units or higher powered devices such as coffee machines, toasters etc it is recommended an inverter no less then a 2600w inverter. There are other factors to consider when installing inverters. We use certified Electricians to hardwire the 240v side on your inverter installation.

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