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Transmission ECU Remap

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  • Lower your transmission temperatures

  • Improve your fuel economy

  • More control on downhill descents

  • Improves your overall driveability

Transmission ECU Remap


We recommend when fitting a lockup kit and towing 3T or more, a Reflash of the transmission control software also be considered. The benefits are:

  • Increased Shift performance, Faster shifting, smoother lockup, earlier upshift to save fuel economy when not towing.

  • Top gear selectable from lower speed (92km/h).

  • More direct selection using the ‘sports’ mode up and down.

  • Increased transmission pressure in low RPM to maintain sufficient clamping pressure to clutches.

  • Increased torque limiters to allow further engine torque to be utilised before torque reduction.

  • Possible 5th & 6th in low range (by request only)

  • Uses 1st Gear properly from standstill, not downshifting back after struggling in 2nd gear (often with a thud)

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